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In Campaign Finance Ruling, Justices Struggle to Define Corruption | The Wall Street Journal

April 2, 2014

Fordham University law professor Zephyr Teachout disagrees. She says that by approaching corruption as a “criminal law concern instead of a foundational democratic concern,” Justice Roberts is considering just one piece of the problem.

It’s not that America has just started thinking about this. The Founding Fathers “were acutely aware of corruption,” says Ms. Underkuffler. But back then, the fear wasn’t the rich pulling strings, but individuals in power sacrificing the public good in pursuit of their own selfish aims, she said.

Breaking America's Meat Monopoly

March 20, 2014

Barry Lynn, director of New America's Market, Enterprise, and Resiliency project, said “Maybe it's time for a citizen's revolt.” Maybe he's right. If the market normalizes, we can afford a lot more respect to animals, farmers, and ourselves. Cyrus ...

The Real Threats from Monopoly - Community Broadband Bits Podcast #83

January 28, 2014

When we think about the threat of monopoly, we almost always focus on how monopolies can raise prices beyond what is reasonable. But there are many threats from monopolies and many are much more dangerous to a free society than higher prices. This week, monopoly expert Barry Lynn joins us for the Community Broadband Bits podcast.

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Big Data in Stores

January 28, 2014

Stores are starting to tap into big data in a major way. Retailers are developing new technology to track our shopping habits more closely than ever before, combining data about your purchasing history with real-time analysis of what you’re looking to buy. This raises all kinds of concerns, from privacy to price discrimination.

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Episode 289 | The Matthew Filipowicz Show

January 14, 2014

We have Lina Kahn here to discuss her Salon article on Monsanto’s merging of big data with farming.

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Commodity Trading | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

November 13, 2013

Investment bank Goldman Sachs hoards aluminium ingots in warehouses, McDonalds has a chicken wing stockpile somewhere. Thailand has a rice mountain. Commodity analysts from Australia and overseas discuss the latest trends in the very curious world of commodity trading.

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'Smart City' Projects Must Consider Stakeholders, Standards Says Townsend | FierceGovernmentIT

October 15, 2013

Because these are being marketed as "out of the box" solutions, there is very little citizen involvement in setting the parameters around how data is used, for example.

"Companies can play a very fruitful role in helping our cities adapt to all the great new technologies we have, but we have to collectively think very carefully about what the boundaries are between public and private information," added Lina Khan, policy analyst for the New America Foundation's markets, enterprise and resiliency initiative.

Banks are Essential to the Commodities Market, Say Banks | The Washington Post

September 20, 2013

Who else would play the beneficial roles that banks say they do, without the downsides? The other option is giant commodities houses like Cargill and Glencore getting into the finance business, which they've been doing with about as much zeal. As the New America Foundation's Lina Khan has outlined, that's problematic too, because they're perhaps even less transparent than Goldman Sachs and the rest. (At the same time, when banks tried to disparage commodities houses, the report they commissioned to do so found they actually pose less systemic risk).

How Wall Street Banks are Turning into Commodities Cartels | The Week

September 19, 2013

The five years are up, but the banks — surprise, surprise — have not shed their commodities units. It's unclear how big these divisions are, but "there are signs they could be vast," according to Lina Khan of Salon. "In its 2012 shareholder report, Goldman Sachs notes it partly owns and operates airports, toll roads, and shipping ports."

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Lina Khan and the New America Foundation | Blog Talk Radio

September 19, 2013

"Policy Analyst Lina Khan from the New America Foundation joins the program to disucss her recent article in The New Republic..."

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