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What John Roberts Doesn’t Get About Corruption

  • By
  • Zephyr Teachout,
  • New America Foundation
April 14, 2014 |

In Campaign Finance Ruling, Justices Struggle to Define Corruption | The Wall Street Journal

April 2, 2014

Fordham University law professor Zephyr Teachout disagrees. She says that by approaching corruption as a “criminal law concern instead of a foundational democratic concern,” Justice Roberts is considering just one piece of the problem.

It’s not that America has just started thinking about this. The Founding Fathers “were acutely aware of corruption,” says Ms. Underkuffler. But back then, the fear wasn’t the rich pulling strings, but individuals in power sacrificing the public good in pursuit of their own selfish aims, she said.

Breaking America's Meat Monopoly

March 20, 2014

Barry Lynn, director of New America's Market, Enterprise, and Resiliency project, said “Maybe it's time for a citizen's revolt.” Maybe he's right. If the market normalizes, we can afford a lot more respect to animals, farmers, and ourselves. Cyrus ...

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